Allahabad Mint of Akbar

2024-03-28 Thu

Prayagraj was mint town of Suris. During the reign of Akbar, the ancient pilgrim centre of Prayagraj was named Allahabad. He built a fort in Allahabad, which stands on the banks of the Yamuna, near its confluence with the Ganges.

Jahangir, who was appointed as the Governor of Allahabad, minted the coins with couplet that deviated from the regular coinage of his father, Akbar. Jahangir rebelled against his father Akbar (1599-1604).

The obverse bears the legend ‘Hamesha hum chu zar mihar wa Mah Raij Bad’. The reverse bears the legend ‘Ba Gharb-o-sharq Jahan Sikka Allahabad’.

Image Courtesy: Classical numismatic Gallery