Chhatarpur Princely State

2024-03-21 Thu

Chhatarpur princely state was founded in 1785 and ruled by the descendants of Bundela Rajput leader Chhatrasal, after whom the state was named. The descendants of Chhatrasal ruled this state until 1785.

British India guaranteed this state to Kunwar Soni Singh in 1806. Later, in 1854, the state would have lapsed to the British government for want of direct heirs under the Doctrine of Lapse but was conferred on Jagat Raj as a special act of grace. Chhatarpur was accessioned to the Indian Union on 1st January 1950 and became a part of Madhya Pradesh state.

The ruler of Princely State Chhatarpur issued this silver rupee (10.7-11.6) in the name of Shah Alam II.

The obverse depicts the Name and Title of Shah Alam II and the sunflower mint mark, and the reverse features the Julus formula and mint name.

Image Courtesy: Classical Numismatic Gallery