Very Rare Gold Gadyana of Kadambas of Goa Sold for INR 2,30,000

2024-03-20 Wed

The Kadambas of Goa, as feudatory rulers of the Chalukyas of Kalyan, ruled Goa from the 10th to the 14 century A.D. During their rule, they took over the territories of Silaharas and ruled it from Chandor. Later, they switch their capital to Gopakapattana.

An anonymous ruler of Kadambas of Goa issued this Gold Gadyana 3.7g. The obverse features a Lion standing facing left in front of a lampstand. The reverse features Trishul with Devanagari legend Shri Malaha / Ramari.

This gold gadyana, was sold for INR 2,30,000 at the Todywalla Auction held in Pune on 24th December 2023.

Image Courtesy: Todywalla Auction