Muhammad Bin Tughluq's gold tanka struck in the name of Hakim II

2024-03-11 Mon

The coinage of Muhammad Bin Tughluq is the most complex and innovative of the Delhi series.

He had issued coins in large numbers in five different varieties.

1. Coins struck in the memory of his father.
2. Coins struck with his name.
3. Coins with his name - token issues.
4. Coins struck in the name of ‘Abbasid Caliphs’.
5. Joint issued with the Sultan of Bengal.
Muhammad Bin Tughluq issued Abbasid Caliph-type coins of two varieties: Al-Mustakfi I and Al-Hakim II.

Muhammad Bin Tughluq issued this Al-Hakim Type gold tanka, 11g.

The obverse bears the inscription as 'Fi-Zaman Al-Imam Amir Al-Mu Minin Al-Hakim Bi-Amr'. The reverse bears the inscription 'Allah Abul Abbas Ahmad Khallada Mulkahu'.

Image Courtesy: Todywalla Auction