'Lanky' bull type Cast copper coin of Kaushambi

2024-03-07 Thu

Kaushambi, also known as Kosambi (Pali), was an important city-state during the ancient period in India. Kosambi was the capital of Vatsa Mahajanapada, one of 16 Mahajanapadas of India.

This 'lanky' bull type Cast copper coin (weighing approx 7-8g) was issued during the post-Mauryan period by the city-state.

The obverse features Lanki bull walking to the left, with four nandipadas above and a triangular-headed standard in front. The reverse features Tree in railing in the centre, with a wheel to left and a nandipada above, a swastika to right with a Ujjaini symbol and a six-arched hill at the bottom.

Image Courtesy: Todywalla Auction