Vijaynagar Emperor Srirangaraya III Gold Pratap - Half-Hon Sold for INR 49500

2024-03-06 Wed

Srirangaraya III was the last ruler of the Vijaynagar Empire who sat on the throne after the death of Venkata III. The decline of the Vijaynagar Empire began with the reign of Srirangaraya III. After him, the Vijaynagar Empire passed into the hands of Qutb Shahis.

Srirangaraya III gold Pratap Half-Hon, 1.71g, sold for INR 49500 in an auction held in Pune on December 2023.

The obverse features Lord Venkateshwara, standing within a decorated frame, with a Shankha in his upper left hand and a Chakra in the upper right hand, both the lower hands showing Mudra. The reverse features Devnagari Legend “Sri Ven/kateshwara/ya namaha” in 3 lines.

Image Courtesy: Oswal Antiques