Inland Night Air Mail

2024-01-30 Tue

"Night Air Mail Service" was launched on January 30, 1949 by Mr. Rafi Ahmed Kidwai to improve the postal service.

Air Mail Service was introduced when Railway Mail and Motor Mail had reached saturation point.

In 1985, Vayudoot began the domestic overnight airmail service for the Indian Postal Service, known as the Inland Night Air Mail Service (NAMS).

Date of Issue: 15 December 1947

Size: 41 x24 mm

Colors: Ultramarine

Watermark: Star of India Multiple (UP)

Designers : T.I. Archer

Printers: Security Printing Press, Nashik

Emission: Air Post

Perforation: comb13½ x 14

Printing: Offset lithography

Face Value: 12 A - Indian anna