Silver Tetradrachm of Philip III Arrhidaios, Kingdom of Macedonia

01 Dec 2023  Fri

Philip III Arrhidaios ruled the ancient Greek kingdom of Macedonia from 323 until his execution in 317 BC. He was the son of the king of King Philip II of Macedon and half-brother of Alexander the Great. He was named as Arrhidaios at the time of birth, after sitting on the throne he assumed name Philip.

Philip III Arrhidaios issued this Silver Tetradrachm, 17.06g, in the types of Alexander III, minted in Susa, struck under Koinos.

The obverse of this coin features Bust of young Herakles to right wearing lion's skin. The reverse of this coin features Zeus is seated on a throne facing left, holding an eagle and scepter.

Image Courtesy: Todywalla Auction

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