Tribal Pride Day

2023-11-15 Wed

15 November is the birth anniversary of Brisa Munda, a freedom fighter, social reformer and respected tribal leader. He fought bravely against the British colonial system and led the movement against British repression, calling for 'ulgulan' (revolution).

The tribe's leader, Birsa Munda, was instrumental in his community's freedom. He launch an opposition to the British domination and their exploitation.

He collected his army of tribals and began distributing awareness to expose the British intentions. In response, the soldiers organized demonstrations and movements against the British Raj's betrayal and injustice.

Regretfully, he was captured by treachery and sent to prison, where on June 9, 1900, he inexplicably passed away. His accomplishments are even more noteworthy because they were made before the age of 25.

India Post issued a commemorative stamp of Birsa Munda to commemorate him in 1988.

Image Courtesy: India Post