Humayun, Silver Shahrukhi, Narnol Mint Sold For INR 7,55,000

2023-11-04 Sat

The Shahrukhi was a standard silver coin first issued by Timurid ruler Shah Rukh Mirza or Shahrukh Mirza in the 15th century.

Mughal Emperor Babur reintroduced Shahrukhi during his rule and continued by his successor Humayun and grandson Akbar.

One such coin issued by Humayun during the second year of his rule weighing around 4.75g, minted in Narnol in the Hijri year 962, was sold for INR 7,55,000 in a Mumbai auction on October 08, 2023.

This particular coin is deep bold struck, and about uncirculated, making it exceedingly rare. The mint name, AH date and other details are fully visible. The Mint name Narnol is a rare specimen, and even rarer are the second reign issues of Humayun.

Image Courtesy: Oswal Antiques