Sasanka, King of Gauda, Gold Dinar sold For INR 1,60,000

2023-10-21 Sat

The Garuda kingdom was originated in the Indian subcontinent in Gauda region of Bengal, during the 4th century CE.

King Shashanka of the Garuda dynasty, who ruled between 590 CE and 625 CE, is credited for creating a separate political entity in a unified Bengal called Gauda. The name of the king Shashanka appears in multiple forms, including ?a??nka and ?a??nka-deva.

The Abhishekha Lakshmi-type base gold dinar of King Sasanka, weighing around 9.2g, was sold for INR 1, 60,000 in an Auction of Todywalla held in Mumbai on October 07, 2023.

The obverse features Shiva nimbate, seated facing right with hand raised, reclining on a recumbent bull to left, with the moon to left, Brahmi legend 'Shri Sha' at right and 'Jayah' below the bull. The reverse of the coin features Abhisheka Lakshmi nimbate, seated cross-legged on a lotus, holding lotus in one hand and making a gesture of benevolence with the other, while two elephants standing on lotuses lustrate her, with Brahmi legend Shri Shashanka to right.

Image Courtesy: Todywalla Acution