Horseman-Lion slayer type of Later Gupta King Bhanugupta Prakashaditya

2023-10-19 Thu

Bhanugupta Prakashaditya is one of the lesser-known kings of the Gupta dynasty, known from inscriptions in Eran and Manjushri-mula-kalpa.

Bhanugupta Prakashaditya issued this gold-heavy Dinar Horseman-Lion slayer type during his rule. The obverse features a king riding on a horse, killing a lion with his sword, who is attacking him from the right, Brahmi letter 'Ru' between the feet of the horse. The reverse features goddess Lakshmi seated on a lotus, holding a lotus flower in one hand and noose in the other, Brahmi legend Sri Prakashaditya in the right field.

Image Courtesy: Todywalla Auction