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28 Sep 2023  Thu

Kuras of Kolhapur ruled the southwest region of India between 30 BC and 64 CE. There were two power seats, namely Brahmapuri and Madhavpur (ancient names of Kolhapur and Belgaum).

Kuras of Kolhapur is known through epigraphical and numismatic sources. During their early period, they found their base in Kolhapur, Maharashtra.

King Rano Vasithiputra Kura issued lead coins during his rule. This coin weighing 15.69 g features a bow and arrow in the centre Brahmi legend Rajno Vashitiputasa Kurasa on the obverse. The reverse features a tree in the railing, six arched hills on the right, and a river symbol below.

Image Courtesy: Todywalla Auction

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