Happy Vaman Jayanti

26 Sep 2023  Tue

Vamana Jayanti 2023 Vamana Jayanti celebrates Lord Vishnu's incarnation as a dwarf Brahmin to restore balance between gods and demons.

Mahabali, conquered and challenged Lord Indra for control of three worlds: heaven, earth, and the netherworld. The Gods, fearing his power, asked Lord Vishnu for help.

King Mahabali vowed to grant any wish to anyone who approached him during a grand Ashvamedha Yagna.

Vishnu then incarnated as a Vamana to help them and asked for three steps of land during the Yajna, and the king agreed to grant it.

Lord Vamana covered the earth and heavens with his first two steps. Mahabali offered his head for Vamana's third step.

Lord Vishnu granted a yearly visit to his kingdom, celebrated as Onam in Kerala, as a boon for Mahabali's generosity.

India Post issued a commemorative stamp to celebrate the festival of humility and devotion.

Date of Issue: 27th July 2007

Perforation: comb 13

Printing: Photogravure

Face Value: 5 Indian Rupees

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