Sacagawea Golden Dollar Coin

21 Sep 2023  Thu

Sacagawea was the important member of Lewis and Clark expedition. Between 1804 and 1806, she guided the adventure of Lewis and Clark from the Northern Great Plains to the Pacific Ocean. Her husband and their son, who was born during the trip, also accompanied the group.

Lewis and Clark hired Sacagawea because of her skills; throughout thier journey, she provided important information about the topography of some of the most rugged country of North America and taught the explorers how to find edible roots and plants previously unknown to European-Americans.

The U.S Mints issued a Sacagawea Golden Dollar from 2000 to 2008. The obverse of this coin features Sacagawea and the reverse the coin features soaring eagle. It was the first dollar made with an outer layer of manganese brass, giving it a golden color.

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