Rao Sri Khengarji III Silver 5 Kori Listed at 1,60,000

31 Mar 2023  Fri

Khengarji III was the longest-ruling Maharaja of Kutch Princely State. He sat on the throne in 1875 CE and ruled until 1942 CE.

This silver 5 kori was issued by Rao Sri Khengarji III, in the name of Edward VII, and is listed for 1,60,000 in the upcoming online auction of Oswal Antiques, which will be held on April 01, 2023.

The obverse side of this coin features the royal symbol, denomination, VS date 1963 Kutch Bhuj in the centre, with the legend ‘Shri Khengarji Sawai Bahadur maharajadhiraja Mirja Maharaja’ in the outer in Devanagari. The reverse side of the coin is inscribed with the Persian legend ‘Qaisar e Hind Edward VII Zarb Bhuj 1906’ within the floral scroll design.

Image Couetesy: Oswal Antiques

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