World Tuberculosis Day

24 Mar 2023  Fri

Tuberculosis is caused by the bacteria called Mycobacterium tuberculosis. The disease is also known as TB. TB spreads through the air from one person to another, which primarily affects the lungs and throat. It is a contagious disease. BCG is the vaccine given to children to prevent TB disease.

If the disease is not treated promptly, it can spread throughout the body, particularly damaging vital organs like liver, spine, and brain.

The world over TB eradication programs are taken up to spread awareness and prevent the spread of TB. One of the medium to spread awareness is through postage stamp. These commemorative stamp was issued on 25 June 2013 by small country called Tuvalu .

Series: World Health Organization.

Themes: Medicines, Tuberculosis and W.H.O.

Colors: Multicolor.

Printing: Offset lithography.

Face value: 90¢ - Tuvaluan cent.

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