Commemorative Stamp of Matangini Hazra

06 Feb 2023  Mon

Matangini Hazra, also known as Gandhi Buri' or old lady Gandhi, due to her non-violent protest inspired by the Father of the Nation, was an Indian freedom activist.

Matangini Hazra was born in a small village of Hogla, near Tamluk, into a poor family in 1870. She married when she was 12 and became widowed at 18 without bearing any offspring.

Matangini Hazra joined India's freedom struggle at the age of 35 and became Gandhi follower. She played an active role in Civil Disobedience Movement and Dandi March. She also participated in 'Chowkidari Tax Bandha', and was sent to six month imprisonment to Baharampur jail. After releasing from Baharampur jail, she bacame active member of Indian National Congress. During her participation in Quit India Movement, she was shot by the Brtish, three times. At the time she kept chanting Vande Mataram. She died with the Indian national flag held high and still flying.

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