Tilla Durieux (1912) by Max Oppenhiemer

03 Feb 2023  Fri

Max Oppenheimer was an Austrian Expressionist and an early collaborator of Egon Schiele, since the movement’s inception.

After receiving an invitation to come to Berlin in 1912, from the art dealer Paul Cassirer, Oppenheimer informed his patron of his desire to make a portrait of his wife, Tilla Durieux.

Issued: 09th January 2023

Theme: Art | Paintings | Painters

Series: Modern art

Dimension: 30 x 36 mm

Designers: Regina Simon

Printers: Joh Enschede

Perforation: comb 13 ¼

Printing: Offset Lithography

Face Value: 300 Euro cents

Print run: 180,000

Image courtesy: colnect.com

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