Canada: Chloe Cooley, a Slave Martyr

02 Feb 2023  Thu

The stamp was issued honouring Chloe Cooley, a slave resistance martyr from Canada, on January 30, 2023. In Canada in the late 1700s, Chloe Cooley was an enslaved person of colour who rose out against slavery. Her narrative attracted a lot of interest, and her stance on the issue of abolition and human rights in Canada became a potent symbol. The stamp is part of a booklet pane of six stamps.

Colour: Multicolour

Theme: Famous people, headgear, human rights, and women

Design: Rick Jacobson

The stamp has no face value

Print run: 780,000

Gum: self-adhesive

Perforation: Serpentine die-cut

Printing: Offset lithography

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