Commemorative stamp on Chameleon

25 Jan 2023  Wed

The Chameleons of the Chamaeleonidae family have 202 species as of June 2015. The members of this family are known for their range of colours, ability to shift different hues, and range of brightness.

Chameleons have zygodactylous feet, prehensile tails, laterally compressed bodies, projectile tongues, casques heads and horns on their snout. Their brain analyzes two individual images as their eyes are independent. They focus on coordination while hunting.

Cuba issued a commemorative stamp on Chameleons on 8th May 2007. This multicolour stamp has an image of a chameleon.

Face Value: 20 Cuban Cento.

Perforation: comb 12 ½ x 12 ¼.

Printing: Offset Lithography.

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