Loyalty Day in Argentina

16 Oct 2021  Sat

People of Argentina annually observe Loyalty Day on October 17. This is a memorial day, commemorating the beginning of the massive labor demonstration at May Square demanding the liberation of Argentinian military officer Juan Peron.

Peron was forced to leave the office on October 10, 1945, and two days later he was arrested and jailed in Martin Garcia Island. Thousands of workers and members of their families gathered on the streets of Buenos Aires and marched to its center, May Square, demanding the liberation of Juan Peron.

Peron was released on the same day and he revoked his political activity. Later he became President of Argentina, serving in office from June 4, 1946, to September 21, 1955. The day of mass labor demonstration is remembered in Argentina as Loyalty Day and as the birthday of the Peronism movement.

Argentina Post issued a 6 Argentine peso ley stamp to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the riots of 17th October 1945. The stamp depicts a flame on the grey background that signifies the flame of revolution.

Image Courtesy: colnect.com

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