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Nazarana of Kashmir

18 Sep 2021  Sat

The term ‘Dogra’ is believed to originate from ‘Durgara’. The Durgara kingdom is mentioned in an eleventh-century copper plate inscription at Chamba. In medieval times, it was also known as Dugar which later came to be known as a Dogra.

Presently, Dogra has turned into an ethnic group of people who speak the Dogri language. The ancestors of Gulab Singh belong to Jammuwal. According to some sources, Raja Kapur Dev ruled the region of Jammu in 1560 AD. He had two sons named Jag Dev and Samail Dev. Their descendants came to be known as Bahuwals and Jammuwals respectively. However, the family claims to be descents of the Suryavanshi dynasty by Jambu Lochan who is believed to establish the Jammu city.

Ranbir Singh of Kashmir state had issued Nazarana or Quarter Mohur at Srinagar mint. The golden inscription on the coin says, “Persian legend, IHS in English, Leaf, and VS date” on the front side and “Takari inscription, VS date” on the backside.

Image Courtesy: Mintage World

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