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Liberia’s New Prehistoric Human Stamps

30 Jul 2021  Fri

Liberia a country on the west coast of Africa was an independent country since July 26, 1847. Soon after the independence first stamps of Liberia were issued in 1860. The Postal Department of Liberia issued a variety of stamps featuring a variety of themes. One of the most impressive stamps of Liberia is the prehistoric human stamps.

In Africa, prehistory is more important than history. Nowhere on the African continent is this truer than in Liberia, since written records for most of the country appear only in this century. The witness of the prehistoric civilization is found over the years through careful and systematic research.

The evidence of the first man is depicted on the stamps issued in the year 2020. Four stamps worth 300 Liberian dollars each was issued with the theme depicting the life of the Neanderthals. The stamps feature Neanderthal hunting a bison, a comparison between the skulls of a modern human skull and a Neanderthal’s skull. The other two stamps feature tools used by prehistoric humans and an imaginary painting of the Neanderthal.

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