Triple-Struck Australian Dollar Coin of 2015

08 Apr 2021  Thu

Modern minting technology minimizes the number of error coins, with safeguards to reduce the creation of such errors and to increase the likelihood that, when made, they are discovered and removed before entering the coinage supply. However, one such coin escaped the haw-like watch of modern technology.

This Australian 1 dollar coin doesn’t seem to present any mysteries. The obverse dies with the Queen’s bust was the hammer die. The coin received at least two closely-spaced, well-centred strikes. Which are two of the strikes, but the third one is more mysterious, at first glance until seeing the coin’s edge. The edge of the coin may have been nicked by the dies after these strikes were completed.

The triple-struck 2015 Australian dollar was an eye-catcher among the items being offered in International Auction Galleries’ March 20 and 21 sales, the firm’s 93rd. The Australian dollar error has an estimate of 2,200 to 2,400 Australian Dollars (1,714 to 1,870 USD).

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