5 Shana of Shakya Janapada

10 Dec 2020  Thu

The Shakya Janapada is also called Sakya, Sakiya, or Sakka. The people of Shakya Janapada were the clan of the Iron age of India. They were habituating an area in Greater Magadha, situated in present-day southern Nepal and northern India, near the Himalaya. During the ancient period, the Shakya Janapada was one of the 16 Mahajanapada; today it is located in the Indo-Nepal border on the North of Gorakhpur district.

The capital of this Janapada was Kapilavastu, which includes the modern village of Chitradei Ramghat and Tilaura. Shuddhodhana, the father of Gautam Buddha, was elected as the president of Shakya Janapada. The Shakyas' have a town called Devadaha, which they appeared to have shared with their eastern neighbour, the Koliyas. This 5 Shana that weighs around 6.54g was issued from Shakya Janapada.

Image Courtesy: Todywalla Auction

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