Odoacer invaded Dalmatia

09 Dec 2020  Wed

Odoacer was the first barbarian king of Italy. His reign is commonly seen as marking the end of the Western Roman Empire.

Odoacer generally used the Roman honorific patrician, granted by the emperor Zeno, but is referred to as a king in many documents. Odoacer introduced a few important changes in the administrative system of Italy. He had the support of the Senate at Rome and, apparently without serious opposition from the Romans, was able to distribute land to his followers.

Today on 9th December in 480 Odoacer invaded Dalmatia (in present Croatia) and within two years conquered the region. He later establishes his political power with the co-operation of the Roman Senate.

Depicted Odoacer solidus struck in the name of Emperor Zeno, testifying to the formal submission of Odoacer to Zeno. The obverse of a coin engraved pearl-diademed, helmeted and cuirassed bust of Zeno facing, head slightly right, holding spear over right shoulder and on left arm shield with horseman motif. The reverse of the coin depicts Victory standing left, holding a long jewelled cross, star in right field.

Image Source: Wikipedia.org

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