Two Canadian dollars

10 Nov 2020  Tue

Canadian coins are graded on similar standards as US coins. The points of greatest wear are on the obverse in the bands of crowns, sprays of laurel around the head and in hairlines above or over the ear. The reverse is usually fine unless it is abnormally.


There are seven main Canadian coin denominations in use today: 1 C$ (Loonie), 2 C$ (Toonie ot Twoonie), 50 Cent (Half Dollar), 25 Cent (Quarter), 10 cent (Dime), 5 Cent (Nickel) and 1 Cent (Penny).

The 2 C$ is called “Toonie” or “Twonie” as it is made up of two different colors of metal. It replaced the two-dollar bill in mid-nineties as the notes, though cheaper to produce, lasted only a year. On the obverse of the coin currently in circulation is the portrait of Elizabeth II facing right within a circle of aluminum bronze plating. It is surrounded by a divided legend “ELIZABETH II D.G.REGINA” meaning ‘Queen Elizabeth II by the Grace of God’ within an outer steel ring. On the reverse is the portrait of a polar bear within the aluminium bronze circle and is surrounded by the continuous legend “CANADA 2 DOLLARS”. It weighs between 6.92 and 7.30gms and has a diameter of 28mm.

Image Courtesy: Colnet

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