Gold Dinar of Chandra Gupta I Listed For INR 225,000

27 Oct 2020  Tue

Chandra Gupta, I was the ruler of the Gupta Empire; he ruled the northern part of India between 319 CE and 350 CE.

The Gupta dynasty started their rule as a small kingdom in Magadha; later they gradually extended their kingdom over a large part of the Indian subcontinent. Their rule; is considered as 'Golden Age' or the 'Classical Period' of India. Chandra Gupta, I was the son of Ghatotkacha and grandson of Sri Gupta, the founder of the Gupta Dynasty.

This king and queen-type gold dinar that weighs around 7.42g was issued by Chandra Gupta-I during his rule in the Gupta Empire. The obverse of this coin depicts depicts ‘Standing King and queen standing’; Brahmi legend ‘Chandra Gupta’ and ‘Sri Kumardevi’ written on either side of the coin. The reverse side of the coin depicts ‘Goddess Laxmi sat on a lion holding cornucopia in one hand and a noose in the other; Brahmi legend “Lichchhawayah” to right and a Tamgha in the left field.

This coin is listed for INR 225,000 in an upcoming auction of Oswal Antiques that will be held in Mumbai on 31st October 2020.

Image Courtesy: Oswal Antiques

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