Tree in railing on Ancient Indian Coins

23 Oct 2020  Fri

Tree in railing is considered as one of the most important symbol in Indian coins. It has played a very important role in studying and knowing about Indian history. It has also played an important role in tracing the evolution of religious movements. Tree in railing may be connected to Buddha, as in the ancient period, the homage to the Buddha was paid by worshiping Bodhi. The Bodhi tree is a tree under which Buddha sat and have gain enlightenment.

This copper coin that weighs around 8.38g was issued by king Bhanumitra from Panchala. The obverse of this coin depicts ‘standing goddess in the center, eight arched hill, and srivatsa in railing in the left and right side of the coin and seven inverted conical symbols from edge to edge signifying land at the bottom. The reverse side of the coin depicts ‘tree in railing’.

Image Courtesy: Todywalla Auction

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