Eastern Roman Emperor Constans II assassinated

15 Sep 2020  Tue

Constans II also known as Constantine the Bearded was Byzantine Emperor from 641 to 668. Born on 7th November 630, Constans’s reign saw the loss of Byzantium’s southern and eastern provinces to the Arabs. He was the last emperor to serve as Consul, the highest political office of the Roman Republic.

The son of Constantine III and Gregoria, Constans came to the throne in September 641. During his second year of reign, The Muslim Arabs seized Egypt from Byzantium and invade Armenia in 647. During his reign number of gold, silver, and copper coins were issued in the denomination of Miliaresion, Solidus, Hexagram, Follis, Nummi, and siliqua.

Depicted here is a solidus of Constans II that was minted in Carthage. The obverse of a coin depicts the bust of Constans II facing with long beard and mustache, wearing crown and chlamys, globus cruciger in right hand. On the other hand the reverse of a coin cross potent on three steps; CONOB below.

Image Source: wikipedia.org

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