World’s First Undersea Post Office

07 Sep 2020  Mon

The underwater post office is located about 160 feet off the coast of Vanuatu which is 1,000 miles east of northern Australia. The mailbox and converted fiberglass water tank are submerged ten feet under the surface of Mele Bay. It is the world’s first underwater post office.

You can go there for vacations and can send postcards back home from under the sea. They have developed a special metal device that marks each postcard without using ink, which would not smear on contact.

It’s mandatory for the visitors to use a mask, fins, and snorkel for diving below the surface of the sea to visit the incredible Vanuatu Post service. The post office is made from a large fiber-glass water tank and sets a stunning scene on the ocean bed.

On the platinum anniversary of the World’s First Undersea Post Office, Bahama has issued a series of stamps to celebrate the event.

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