Indian cuisine through stamps

27 Aug 2020  Thu

Indian cuisine is the combination of regional and traditional delicious. The flow of travellers from the neighbouring and far off lands had bought their own surprising change to the Indian food culture, making it more enduring and tasty. The history of various groups and cultures interacting over the sub-continent is impressively reflected through the different varieties of food prepared here.

The cuisine tradition of Indian is considered as the most diverse around the world, due to its characterized, royal and crafty use of spices. The major part in developing this spectrum of diverse cuisine is the religious and cultural beliefs; this factor has revolutionised and influenced the food preparing method. The different cuisine type we know today in India is still evolving due to the interacting of Indian society with different international societies.

To make it simple and easy to understand the difference in this diverse up yet stagnant Indian cuisine, we have to summarize them in four categories and is represented through different stamp issued by the India Post in 2017.

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