Coinage of Roman Emperor Probus

19 Aug 2020  Wed

Marcus Aurelius Probus was the Roman emperor ruling from 276 to 282. He was a highly accomplished military man as well as a conscientious administrator. During his six years of rule, he secured prosperity for the inner provinces while withstanding repeated invasions of barbarian tribes on almost every sector of the frontier.

Fourth-century writers attest to his intense interest in agriculture. He encouraged the planting of vineyards in Gaul, Spain, and Britain and was evidently killed by troops who resented his strict discipline and they are being detailed to agricultural reclamation work in the Balkans.

Continuing the monetary reform of Aurelian, Probus issued many different, well-crafted coin designs that featured a wide variety of reverses and portrait types during his rule. The obverses of his coins display profile busts of Probus wearing either a helmet or a crown. The most common of his imperial issues was the antoninianus--a coin of mostly bronze with minor silver content.

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