Vereinsthaler of Austria and the German States

19 Aug 2020  Wed

During German unification, the Vereinsthalerwas a standard silver coin used in most German states and the Austrian Empire. The previous standard Thaler was replaced by the Vereinsthaler in 1857. It was slightly more weight.

The Vereinsthaler was the standard unit divided into 30 Silbergroschen, each of 12 Pfennig in Prussia and northern German states. But in Saxony and the Neugroschen, the Vereinsthaler was equal to 10 Pfennig. In southern Germany, a Vereinsthaler is equal to 1- 3?4 Gulden. The Gulden was divided into 60 Kreuzer, each of 4 Pfennig or 8 Heller.

In the Austrian Empire, a Vereinsthaler was equal to one and a half Gulden. The Gulden was divided into 100 Kreuzer.

The Vereinsthaler was demonetized in 1908 and was replaced by a new smaller subsidiary 3-mark coins. Austria-Hungary stopped issuing Vereinsthaler coins in 1867, after the Austro-Prussian War.

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