The rule of Al-Hakim Bi Amr Allah

13 Aug 2020  Thu

The Sixth Fatimid Caliph to rule the Fatimid Caliphate and the 16th Ismaili Imam, Al-Hakim Bi Amr Allah was born today on 13th August 985. Al-Hakim is an important figure in a number of Shia Ismaili religions, including Druze of the Levant. His reign was characterized by a general unrest.

He was the first Fatimid Imam to born on Egyptian Soil. Abu Ali Mansur had been proclaimed as heir-apparent (wali al-‘ahd) in 993 CE and succeeded his father in 996 with the caliph title of al-Hakim Bi-Amr Allah. He is noted for his cruelty, especially his persecutions of Christians and Jews. His religious persecutions affected Sunni Muslims as well.

Al-??kim's most rigorous and consistent opponent was the Abbasid Caliphate in Baghdad, which sought to halt the influence of Ismailism. He is also struggled with the Qarmatiyya rulers of Bahrain, an island in the Persian Gulf as well as territory in Eastern Arabia. During the reign, he issued various gold coins. Depicted here is a gold Dinar struck under him from al-Mahdiya mint. Both side of coin inscribed with beautiful Arabic calligraphy.

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