Silver Square Drachma of Indo-Greek ruler Apollodotus I

13 Aug 2020  Thu

Apollodotus I Soter was an Indo-Greek king who ruled India between 180 BCE and 160 BCE or between 170 BCE and 175 BCE. Apollodotus I ruled the western and southern part of Indo-Greek kingdom, he ruled the region from Taxila in Punjab to the areas of Sindh and possibly Gujarat.

The Indo-Greek rulers issued coins portraying themselves on one side and their beloved Goddess Athena on the other side of the coins. All the Indo-Greek rulers had tried portraying her in various postures.

Apollodutus I had issued a large number of bilingual coins in India. He also issued coins that depict animals.

This silver square drachma was issued by him during his rule. The obverse side of this coin depicts the standing elephant facing towards the right with Greek legend BacilliosApollodpotouSotherus. An elephant here may be a symbol city of Taxila or probably it may signify the white elephant that entered the womb of Queen Maya, mother of Gautam Buddha, as Buddhism was one of the main religions of Indo-Greek.

The reverse side of this coin depicts a bull, a bull here may be a symbol of city Pushkhalavati or it may be a depiction of Shiva.

Image Courtesy: Todywalla Auction

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