India Post commemorate Manas Wildlife Sanctuary

2020-08-12 Wed

Assam is one of the 8th North-Eastern states of India known for rich wildlife sanctuary and abundant of natural settings. These vast jungles of the state are the abode of some of the beautiful flora and fauna. Moreover, Assam is home to two important and world-famous UNESCO World Heritage Sites – Manas National Park and most popular Kaziranga National Park.

Manas takes its name from the Goddess Manasa. The site is noted for its spectacular scenery, with a variety of habitat types that support a diverse fauna, making it the richest of all Indian wildlife areas. Manas is the first reserve included in the network of tiger reserve under Project tiger in 1973.

Its wetlands are of international importance This park is famous for its rare and endangered endemic wildlife such as the Assam Roofed Turtle, Hispid Hare, Golden Langur and Pygmy Hog. Manas is famous for its population of the Wild water buffalo. The Manas Wildlife Sanctuary was tagged as World Heritage Site in 1985.

India Postal Department issued a 500 Paise commemorative postage stamp featuring this Wildlife Sanctuary on 16th March 2020.

Image Source: colnect.com