Temple of Augustus

2020-08-08 Sat

The temple of Augustus is dedicated to the first Roman emperor, Augustus. This temple is located in the City of Pula. According to scholars this temple was probably built during the emperor's lifetime somewhere around 27BC to his death in 14 AD.

This temple was built on a podium with a tetrastyle prostyle porch of Corinthian columns and measure about 8 by 17.3 m and 14 m high. It is considered are one of the best complete temples outside Italy. This temple is part of the triad.

The above-shown sestertius’s reverse side depicts the temple of Augustus were Caligus sacrificing to Divus Augustus in the front of the 6 columned temples. Some believe that the temple is of Divus Augustus which was erected by Tiberius and depicted on coins of Caligus and Antonius Pius.

Image Courtesy: romancoins.info