Kushan Ruler Huvishka I

06 Aug 2020  Thu

Huvishka I was the fifth ruler of the Kushan Empire, he sat on the throne of the Kushan Empire after Kanishka I. The Kushan Empire was one of the most prosperous empires of India during ancient times. The Kushan Empire was established by king Kujula Kadphises in 78 AD, by gradually carving out a kingdom in the north-western part of ancient India.

After sitting on the throne of Kushan Empire king Huvishka I issued a variety of coins in gold and copper metal. Today his coinage makes a rich resource for studying Kushan ear’s history, art, and religion. The standard imperial gold coins issued by Huvishka I come in Dinar and Quarter Dinar and his copper coins issued by are in copper units and tetradrachm.

This copper unit issued by Huvishka I during his reign in Kushan Empire weighs around 13.2g. The obverse of this coin depicts ‘King riding on an elephant facing towards right’. The reverse of this coin depicts Moon-god Mao.

Image Coins: Todywalla Auction

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