Pony express cover of 1861 offered for 100,000 US dollars

01 Aug 2020  Sat

Coming Friday on 7th August 2020 H.R.Hammer is going to conduct the third sale of the ‘ERIVAN’ collection of United and Confederate States Postal History. Its sale is going to fetch collector’s attention towards a wide collectible from the US and Confederate Postmasters and Western Express cover.

The highlight of this auction is the unique ‘solo’ franking of the $2 green Pony Express stamp, one of the rarest stamp of all the pony philatelic varieties, The start price of the bid offered by the auction house id 100,000 US dollar.

According to auction house ‘One of the only six pony expresses covers to a foreign destination, one of five to Europe, one of four with phony express adhesive and the unique cover to France’.

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Image Courtesy: rarestampvalue

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