One France Vermilion stamp

31 Jul 2020  Fri

In 2018, Auktionshaus Christoph Gaertner commenced its 2nd Special Auction, it featured some collectible for the collectors from the field of numismatics, philately, and notaphily. The attraction of this event was the 1849 one franc; it was considered as the most popular and classic stamp of France. The set featuring the original gum was offered for 51,518 dollars.

This vermilion stamp was the high rating stamp and served as the postage letters of 15 to 100 g. Earlier it was printed in light red color but later on, it was printed in dark red ‘crimson’. This vermilion stamp depicted the portrait of Ceres, a Roman goddess of agriculture. Ceres was the symbol of Franc at that time.

In a philately world, this iconic stamp of France is most sought after stamps. It is a very rare stamp as it was used very little and for a short time.

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