Seated Lakulisha Type of Bhumimitra

07 Jul 2020  Tue

Bhumimitra was the second king of the Kanva dynasty. The Kanva dynasty or Kanvayana was a Dynasty that replaced the Shunga dynasty in parts of eastern and central India and ruled from 75 BCE to 30 BCE. The first ruler of the Kanva dynasty was Vasudeva after whose Gotra the dynasty was named. He was succeeded by his son Bhumimitra.

Although the Puranic literature indicates that the Kanva Dynasty ruled in Magadha (in eastern India), their coins are primarily found in and around Vidisha in central India. The Kanvas primarily issued copper coins. They were ardent followers of The Shiva, which is reflected in their coins.

The copper coin shown above is copper 1/4th karshapana issued ca 1st Century B.C. The coin depicts on the obverse Lakulisha seated on a lotus holding danda and kamandalu; cakra above the tree on left with Brahmi legend 'bhumimitasa' in vertical placement on right. The reverse depicts the Ujjain symbol with a small Ujjain symbol in each orb; nandipadas in angles.

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