World’s Smallest Gold Coin

02 Jul 2020  Thu

On 23rd Jan 2020, the Federal Mint Swissmint released a machine-minted gold coin. With a diameter of 2.69mm and weighing only 0.063 g., they are the smallest gold coin in the world.

The new coin is designed by Remo Mascherini, Flamatt and the obverse features the famous image of Albert Einstein sticking out his tongue along with the year-date, 2020. The reverse shows the nominal value of “1/4” franc along with the inscription “Helvetia” and the Swiss cross. It also has the alloy mark, “AU 999.9” and the weight: 1/500 ounce.

Born in the southern German city of Ulm in 1879, Einstein revolutionized the world view of physics in 1905 with his formula E=mc² (energy equals mass multiplied by the square of the speed of light). Swissmint said it tried to apply the same qualities to the creation of "the smallest gold coin the world" by using absolute precision to achieve a world record in coin minting.

Due to the small type of the inscriptions, the Swissmint provides a magnifying glass in each kit.

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