Sliver Denarius of Julius Caesar

16 Mar 2020  Mon

In 49 BC the Legio XIII Gemina crossed Rubicon a shallow river in north-eastern Italy under the command of Julius Caesar. This movement signal the start of the four-year-long Civil war also called Caesar’s civil war between Caesar and Pompey. The Senate of the Republic took offense to this as crossing this river with the army was prohibited as the area beyond the river was under the jurisdiction of the Senate. At the end of this war, Caesar emerged as ‘Dictator Perpetuo’ or ‘Dictator for life‘in Roman history. This event marked the changing political scenario of the Roman Republic and also paves the way to the rise of the Roman Empire.

This silver Denarius is the military mint that was issued around 48 to 46 BC when Julius Caesar became the Dictator. The obverse of this coin illustrates the Diademed head of goddess Venus facing right within the dotted border. The revere of this coin depicts Aeneas in the center walking towards left and carrying his father, Anchises in left hand and palladium in the right hand with legend ‘CAESAR’ on right within the dotted border.

Goddess Venus was the Patron Goddess of Julius Creaser and his mythical descent also connects to Lulus the son of Aeneas, therefore they are featured on his coins.

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