Donkey on Roman Coins

20 Jan 2020  Mon

Every aspect of human creation is his art which is inspired by its surroundings, so it shouldn’t surprise us that the coins would depict these beautiful animals. This finest artistic representation is animals on Roman coins, this coinage covers a wide variety of fauna, the embellishments of these beasts on these coins are unique in its way.

One of the most studied and collected coinages of world Roman coinage offers one of the most beautiful illustrations of animals on coins. Roman culture had a deep connection with the animals, they were fascinated with the wild animals. One of the strange facts of the colossus was it was used as a cross between a circus and a zoo.

On the above-shown image, a donkey is depicted on the bronze As standing above the Ship Prow. The donkey was the important domestic animal of the common people of Rome. The importance of agriculture is linked to the ass. On this coin, it may be connected to the moneyer's origin or connect to a section of a government-related to trade or transport.

Image Courtesy: AmericanNumismatic.Org

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