SPOOKY SILHOUETTES: Special Halloween Edition Stamps

2019-09-21 Sat

With the arrival of Halloween, everyone is planning to do something special. The United States Postal Service also thought the same and has announced the launch of its 2019 Halloween stamp issue with special effects.

The non-denominated (55¢) Spooky Silhouettes forever stamp set of four will be issued Oct. 11, in the nick of time to mail Halloween welcome. The stamps are being printed by flexography, utilizing rainbow foil and underneath the ink of each picture lay a layer of luminous pigment. Around forty millions of these stamps are being printed.

The four pictures show creepy scenes captured as outlines through the Gothic style windows. On the first stamp, an arched window outlines a raven on an exposed tree branch with a dark cat underneath, against a yellow sky foundation.

Two cathedral style windows show wispy spooky figures, one pitiful and one grinning. Behind them is an orange tint.

On the third stamp, a window with overwhelming drapes uncovers a giant spider moving toward its web. The foundation is a profound glowing red.

The last stamp delineates another arched window with three flying bats. Dark stars are additionally noticeable in the profound purple sky.

Beneath every design are the engravings "USA" and "FOREVER" isolated by a disappearing bow moon imprinted in similar shading as the foundation of the scene.

Each stamp is repeated 5 times on the sheet of 20, with two structures substituting in every flat push. In an enormous edge over the highest point of the sheet are the words "SPOOKY SILHOUETTES" in gray, with three purple flying bats on the left and right sides of the standard.

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Image Courtesy: US Stamps