Gold Solidus of Avitus

21 Sep 2019  Sat

Flavius Maccilius Eparchius Avitus, commonly known as Avitus was Western Roman Emperor reigning from 455 to 456. He was a senator and a high-ranking officer both in the civil and military administration, as well as Bishop of Piacenza.

Born of a distinguished Gallic family, Avitus was a son-in-law of the Christian writer Sidonius Apollinaris, whose poetry is an important source for our knowledge of him. Avitus had a good relationship with the Visigoths, in particular with their king Theodoric II, who was a friend of his and who acclaimed Avitus Emperor.

The above shown gold Solidus issued during his reign from Arles mint. The obverse of a coin depicts the rosette-diademed, draped and cuirassed bust of Avitus right, seen from the front. The reverse of a coin engraved emperor in military attire, standing facing, head right, long cross in the right hand, Victory on globe in left, resting left foot on recumbent captive; A-R across fields, COMOB in exergue.

Image Source: Heritage Auctions

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