Christa McAuliffe Coin Bill Passed

20 Sep 2019  Fri

Christa McAuliffe, also known as Sharon Christa McAuliffe, was born on September 2, 1948 in Boston, Massachusetts. She was an American teacher and astronaut from Concord, New Hampshire and would have been NASA’s first designated teacher in space. However, she was one of the seven crew members who were killed in the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster on January 28, 1986.

33 years post the tragedy, New Hampshire’s Democratic congressional delegation is welcoming the passage of a bill that will create a commemorative coin to honor Christa McAuliffe, the Concord High School teacher.

The bill passed the Senate in July and House rendition was endorsed on Thursday. The bill is currently at President Donald Trump's work area.

The bill requires the making of a $1 coin to fund-raise for the FIRST Robotics program. The administrators state that the coin respects McAuliffe and reaffirms Congress' promise to put resources into Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics instruction.

Image Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

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