Traditional Craft of India: Dhokra

2019-09-19 Thu

Dhokra is the lost wax casting technique on non-ferrous metal practice in India since eons by the tribal communities. This casting technique has two methods of casting: solid casting and hollow casting. The traditional metal smiths practicing this art belong to the Dhokra Damar tribe from West Bengal and Odisha.

The technique also gets its name from the same tribe. The evidence Dhokra metal casting is trace to the Indus valley civilization for over 4000 years, the dancing girl found in the excavation of Mohenjo-Daro city is one of the earliest artifacts created by lost wax metal casting technique.

This casting technique is found all over India as the Dhokras of Central and Eastern India traveled south as far as Kerala and north as far as Rajasthan.

In 2002 India Post issued a commemorative stamp in the series of Handicraft on a stamp. The stamp depicted a metal bull cast from this technique, in 2018 the Alidabad Dokra of Telangana was given Geographical Indicator tag.

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